Monday, March 11, 2019

sago pudding!

A South African coworker, once he saw and sniffed my tapioca pudding (which I reheated in the office with the aid of some extra milk, thus making for a creamy, less scary texture), said it looked and smelled just like sago pudding—a dessert that he, too, remembered from his childhood. At first, I thought sago might be a South African synonym for tapioca, but when I looked sago up, it turns out to come from a different set of plants. However, the relevant plant matter is converted into almost exactly the same sort of starch pearls that make up tapioca, hence the close similarity in looks and in behavior when cooked.

See more about sago pudding here. And for a bit of humor, here's a passage from Wikipedia's entry on tapioca pudding:

British schoolchildren have traditionally nicknamed the dish frog spawn, due to its appearance. The Guardian described it as "Britain's most hated school pudding", with names such as fish eyes, frogspawn and eyeball pudding. It is however making a comeback in the 21st century in Michelin-starred restaurants and less exalted places.

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