Thursday, March 28, 2019


My title means I'm tired, not that I defecated.

We made the big move to our new office. As you can imagine, most of the move went smoothly, and it was tiring, but there were some kinks that will have to be dealt with over the coming days. Chief among these kinks is the fact that the rickety laser printer that we're sharing isn't connecting to our computers properly (we've never used this printer before). A new printer is coming, as well as—we think—the giant photocopier from our now-previous office in the Cheongshil Building. For the moment, whenever we send a document to the printer to be printed, we have to walk over to the printer and hit the "OK" button for our job to go through. It's dumb and a waste of time, but that's where things stand for the moment. The situation will improve soon, I'm sure.

The new layout in our much smaller office gives us no privacy: our desks are all rotated towards the room's walls, so a simple swivel of the head is enough to spy on what a coworker is doing. Not that I'm the least bit interested in what a coworker might be doing, but my inner introvert is rebelling against the current configuration. Until today, I've enjoyed blissful privacy behind the walls of my cubicle; now, by contrast, I feel naked.

But there are perks to being one building over. Our new building, called the Classia, has a huge and sparkling grocery in its basement, at the B1 level. The place is magnificent; it even serves fried food like donggaseu (fried pork cutlet) and whole fried chicken. The grocery will be my go-to place from now on; it makes for convenient shopping. That same floor also has a couple restaurants, including a nice Vietnamese place and a down-home Korean-style noodle eatery with the generic name Guksu Jeonmun (roughly, "noodle specialty"). I'll be trying those places out over the following week for sure.

So the news isn't all bad, but things aren't perfect, either. For myself, my work station is good to go; I don't actually need to print anything out for my current project, which is being done entirely on Google Docs. Life can continue as before, just in a different setting. And this, Dear Reader, is my new normal.

I'm dead tired, and I'm heading back to my place now.

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John Mac said...

From your earlier descriptions of the new place it sounded like it would be much worse. Soon the lack of privacy will feel normal. Unless you or your co-workers experience flatulence frequently...