Saturday, July 27, 2019

Alan Watts leaves a note for SJWs and other do-gooders

I can tell that this video, which contains an audio clip from one of Alan Watts's lectures, ruffled some feathers because of the negative comments it has received from people who are obviously liberal and emotionally invested in "improving" the world. Watts notes the simple truth that, even with the best of intentions, our attempts to improve things often end up making things worse. I don't think Watts is saying that one should never strive to improve anything at all, but his words really ought to act as a caution to, for example, gung-ho environmental alarmists who think the world will be dying in a few months to a few years. Here's the randy old man* himself:

And on the environmentalism note—

From Instapundit:

MIGHT AS WELL START SMOKING AGAIN AND HAVE LOTS OF UNPROTECTED SEX: We don’t have 12 years to save the climate. We have 14 months.


Where’s the press after a century of bad climate predictions?

Al Gore’s 10 Global Warming Predictions, 13 Years Later — None Happened!
[This link leads to an explicitly Christian website. —ed.]

Climate Alarmists Have Been Wrong About Virtually Everything.

Yeah, but this time...

*I used to have a deep admiration for Watts because I knew him initially through his writing, not his biography. Then I read Zen Effects, by Monica Furlong, and found out just what a pussy-loving, drug-taking dickhead Watts was in real life. He'd drop acid while on temple grounds, and he had no problem running around behind the backs of the women in his life. For all his wisdom—and I don't want to dismiss his profound utterances for fear of committing the genetic fallacy—the man himself was a moral cripple, an asshole in all sooth.

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