Friday, July 05, 2019

liberals: don't cherry-pick your Frederick Douglass quotes

I've seen a lot of Frederick Douglass going around on the liberal side of cyberspace, as a let's-dump-on-America response to the Fourth of July—most of it coming from an 1852 speech by Douglass titled "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July." I love Frederick Douglass, but the liberals who have been quoting him have done so quite out of context, cherry-picking the great man's words in a duplicitous effort to make a point that Douglass himself was not making., a rightie site that I don't normally take all that seriously because of its constant snark, somehow managed to round up both Colin Kaepernick's selective quoting of Douglass and two cogent responses to Kaepernick by Senator Ted Cruz and National Review editor Charles CW Cooke. The Twitchy article is here, but I'm slapping Kaepernick's decontextualized nonsense, plus Cruz and Cooke's responses, right here on the blog.

You can see that Kaepernick's likes and retweets far outnumber those of Cruz and Cooke, which is evidence of how many stupid, emotional people out there are quite willing to accept the out-of-context quote from Douglass and not to do any further homework. Mentally lazy, is all I can say. Anger and stupidity are a toxic combination.

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John Mac said...

I believe they are willfully ignorant. So much easier to just regurgitate lefty rhetoric than to actually think about the issues...