Friday, July 19, 2019

changement de plan à cause d'un mal au talon

Heel pain has been dogging me for the past several hours, so we're changing plans again and staying put. Power will be out in 40 minutes. I've got my phone, a portable power supply, and somewhere in a closet, I've got a candle that I can burn if necessary. I might go walking tomorrow—just my usual 30K-step route instead of doing a round trip to Bundang and back. The weekend forecast is for rain, thanks to the wispy tail end of the typhoon, but I've now got a poncho, so no excuses.

I'd open my window to compensate for the impending lack of A/C, but it's 84ºF outside (about 30ºC) and very humid, so ventilation won't help much.

This'll be my final post for the evening. More blogging on Sad Turd Day.


John Mac said...

At least your brownout is in the wee hours of the night. Here they just shut it down 8-5 and don't give a damn. The last time when I was out walking I was surprised just how many people have generators at their house. I'd consider that option if the brownouts were any more frequent.

Sorry about the heel and postponed hike, but I think your body might be trying to say "give me a break". Well, if 30,000 K can be called a break. Good luck!

Kevin Kim said...

I appreciate the well-wishes. Survived the power outage. It was hot, but I did the Southern thing and wiped myself with a sopping-wet paper towel to stay cool. Sorry to read that your town's brownouts happen at such inconvenient times.