Thursday, July 25, 2019

PJW on the evergreen topic of Sweden's deterioration

The video is under 5 minutes. Watch it at 1.5X speed if you're really that rushed.

Upshot: Sweden is the epicenter of skyrocketing rapes, grenade attacks, car fires, new diseases, robberies, murders, and other sorts of violence and mayhem—to the point where Volvo, a symbol of Swedish technological pride, is thinking of moving its headquarters out of Sweden because of rising crime. UPS now refuses to deliver to "no-go" zones in places like Malm√∂ because the deliverymen keep getting attacked. And talking about any of this, as a native Swede, is cause for being arrested, detained, and interrogated. Just wow.

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John Mac said...

I've been surprised at just how many Swedes I encounter here in my little town. Johansson's is Swedish owned as are a couple of other hotels. A lot of them work back home to earn enough money to spend a few months here every year.

And now I guess I know why.