Friday, July 05, 2019

the Babylon Bee on YouTube radicalization

We've discussed and debunked the myth that YouTube is a cesspit of rightie radicalization. As Tim Pool has repeatedly pointed out: if anything, it's the other way around—people tend to radicalize leftward on YouTube. But here's the satirical Babylon Bee's take on what's going on: actual civil conversations!

MARTINSBURG, WV—Garrett Strauman was a normal, all-American ideologue. He had deep animosity for political opponents, outrageous bumper stickers, typed long, profanity-laden comments on the Facebook posts of his enemies, doxxed teenagers, and walked in lock-step with his own party's views without ever having considered the views of those he despised. Things couldn't be better. But one day, like the proverbial "RKO out of nowhere," Strauman's life took a shocking turn. "I started watching videos of people having constructive conversations on a wide range of topics. That's when it all went south."

Garrett slipped on a virtual banana peel and fell down the YouTube rabbit hole—a tunnel-like vortex in which a hellish cornucopia of videos brainwash viewers with people having lengthy, productive conversations on a wide range of topics. These "civil discussions" are deviously formed propaganda to trick the youth and rob them of their ignorance.

"I used to hate gay people," Strauman said with a tear in his eye. "Then I started watching Dave Rubin. My whole identity is in tatters."

Enjoy the rest on your own.

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