Friday, July 19, 2019

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Passed along by Bill Keezer:

I guess it's racist to post the above because the above four assholes, all of whom have expressed a degree of shame about, scorn for, and disloyalty to their home country, are "women of color." Rashida Tlaib: she's on record as feeling "calm" when thinking about the Holocaust. Ilhan Omar: regarding 9/11, she dismissively said that "some people did something." Ayanna Pressley: she refused to condemn Antifa when hounded by a reporter to get her on record as deploring Antifa violence (same for Omar, with her favorability rating of 9%). AOC: where even to begin with this moron?

Maybe with this:

And I guess Ken Hamblin, below, is just a coon, an Uncle Tom, and a dumb nigger because he's a conservative, right, leftists? He's just a hypnotized monkey who's been brainwashed into hating his own people. Go ahead—say what you want to say.*

Paul Joseph Watson loves, loves, loves Ilhan Omar:

*Let me reiterate that any animus I'm expressing here isn't directed at the liberals who do me the honor of reading this blog, however much they may disagree with my views. I'm not talking to them. Not a single one of the liberals I know either as real-life friends or as "e-friends" (i.e., people I've known online but have never met in real life) would ever say anything like the filthy rhetoric I derisively quoted above. I do think, though, that just as the right has a bigotry problem (I know this thanks to Gab), so does the left, and both sides really ought to (1) own up to their respective problems and (2) clean house right fucking now.

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