Monday, July 22, 2019

Chandler Crump on who's calling whom racist

Chandler's video is about an incident that occurred in a Publix (grocery) in Georgia between a black woman and an ostensibly white man. The woman was nine months pregnant and needed to rush through the cashier's line because she was unable to stand for long periods, thanks to her pregnancy. An agitated man behind her complained to the manager because the woman had entered the express lane with 20 items instead of the mandated 15. The manager, perhaps sympathetic to the pregnant woman, said the woman was fine being in the express lane, and if the man had a problem with that, he could talk to the woman herself [ed.: this feels like cowardly buck-passing to me]. So the man confronted the woman, and the exchange became heated, to the point where the man told the woman she should "go back" to where she came from. The man and woman ended up being interviewed on the local news, standing side by side and facing the cameras. When the woman had said her piece, only the man was left, and he uttered what has, for conservatives, become the punchline of this story: "I'm a Democrat!" He also noted that he didn't consider himself white: he self-identified as Hispanic.

Well, well, well. Just let all that sink in.

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