Thursday, July 11, 2019

me smaht maybe

I just took an informal IQ test as kind-of part of the R&D I'm doing for a workshop aimed at teaching kids "habits for success." It's a gimmicky, corny, time-wasting workshop, but the management wants us to design it, anyway. I was looking into personality surveys and job-aptitude surveys when I ended up at, which offers a variety of simple and long-form tests for all manner of human potentialities: job aptitude, intelligence, personality, etc. I got distracted by the IQ tests on offer, and I took the "culture fair" version of the test—you know the one: "what figure logically comes next in the series?"

Take the culture-fair test here.

My results, which roughly corresponded to my having scored a 144 when I took an IQ test as an elementary schooler (my parents apparently weren't supposed to divulge my results to me, but I'm pretty sure my Korean mom couldn't keep the news to herself), are shown below:

Just goes to show that having a high-ish IQ doesn't mean much in life. Heh. Also keep in mind that, as the above graphic says, an eight-question quiz isn't a very accurate indicator of your IQ. I'm pretty sure that all of my blog readers will score as highly as I did, if not higher.

ADDENDUM: my results from taking the "classical" IQ test (also a short version):

Unlike the other test, this one was timed, and I went slowly. Try the test, and if you get 10/10 faster than I did, it could be that your IQ "floor" will be higher than the 125 noted above. (NB: I just went and did the quiz again, responding as fast as I could, now that I know the answers. Although I rushed through the test and got 10/10 again, the IQ "floor" didn't change.)


John Mac said...

Well, your speculation about the intelligence of your readers was wrong, at least in my case.

In my defense though I do have a hangover. Maybe I'm not as smart as I once was, but I'm as smart once as I ever was.

John Mac said...

Hmm, it seems I'm barely smart enough to complete the "I'm not a robot" picture challenge to enable me to comment here. Life is hard. It's harder when you're stupid...

Kevin Kim said...

I'm sure it's just the beer.