Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy Fourth, Colin!

Betsy Ross was born into a Quaker family. She didn't own slaves, and neither did her family: Quakers were among the first abolitionists. Colin Kaepernick's complaint that the so-called "Betsy Ross flag" is closely associated with slavery comes from... where, exactly? His ass? He certainly doesn't have the brains to have come up with that notion on his own.*

Anyway, whatever. Uncle Colin, thanks to freedom of speech, is at liberty to say whatever he wants, however off-the-wall it might be. But as folks on Instapundit have loudly pointed out, President Obama had the Betsy Ross flag on full display during his inauguration (like many presidents before him), so it's all a bunch of bloviating hypocrisy, anyway:

Good lord, that Obama—what a pro-slavery racist.

Happy Fourth, folks. Stop clutching your pearls and enjoy the freedoms you have, for as long as the authoritarian left isn't in power. Here's Tim Pool on the left's authoritarian insanity:

And the left keeps projecting its authoritarianism onto the right. It's a sad thing to watch.

ADDENDUM: some smartass is bound to ask, "But what about Trump wanting tanks in the July 4th parade? Isn't that a sign he's a dictator?" Apparently, Trump wasn't inspired by China, North Korea, or the Soviet Union: he was inspired by France under Emmanuel Macron. Personally, I find the addition of tanks distasteful, not to mention a confirmation of Trump's love for all things tacky. But at least I know he's not putting tanks in the parade as a threat against the American people or as a threat against the rest of the world. Only a fearful, cowering moron would read his gesture that way. Here's Jon Miller, making the same point:

I mean, think about it: if Trump were literally Hitler, as the left keeps claiming, the left would in reality be terrified of him because he'd be scooping them up by the dozens and hundreds and shipping them off to a concentration camp in Death Valley. If Trump were truly an iron-fisted authoritarian, he wouldn't allow the left to hurl the volume of brickbats it's been hurling at him for three years. If Trump were truly dictatorial, he'd have had the Ninth Circuit Court put up against a wall and shot by now, along with Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib. But guess what: all those idiots are still alive and still screaming at the tops of their lungs... precisely because Trump isn't the tyrant they've made him out to be. But because certain elements on the left (Tim Pool and his saner ilk excepted) have no idea how to think empirically and logically, they shout whatever monkey-thoughts come into their tiny little brains, relying on feeling instead of reason to express themselves. Maybe I sound arrogant and elitist in saying all this. If so, consider it a small measure of payback for the lofty disdain and overweening sanctimony the left has consistently shown toward half the country.

*According to Wikipedia, there's plenty of debate over whether the Betsy Ross flag is truly a Betsy Ross flag, as others were involved in its design. It could be that the only contribution Ross made to the flag's design was to suggest five-pointed stars instead of six-pointed stars because the former proved easier to make and sew onto the blue canton.

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Well said. Precisely the way I see it as well.