Sunday, July 28, 2019

Bill Keezer's take on the Mueller hearing, Russiagate, etc.

I received the following shotgun email from Bill Keezer. It provides his take not only on the chronology of the Russia-collusion mess, but also on the recent Mueller hearing. There has been some slight editing for style and privacy.

After listening to some of the hearings directly and hours of commentary while [indisposed], I decided to write my own summary of the Mueller investigation and testimony.

While President Trump was a candidate, the DNC created an attempt to discredit him with a false dossier. I won’t go into the details, partly because they are still coming to light. Allied with the DNC was FBI Director James Comey, who then used the dossier to obtain a FISA warrant. Apparently, the warrant was not properly vetted before issue, implying partisanship on the part of the FISA judge. Once the warrant was issued, the FBI began doing a counterintelligence type of investigation of Trump and his family prior to his election and continuing after.

When President Trump put Jeff Sessions in as AG, Sessions immediately recused himself from running the now-public investigation (which, by the way, made Pres. Trump furious). This then allowed Rosenberg to take over and appoint a special prosecutor. My own take is that Rosenberg was a deep-state actor from the get-go. The staffing of the investigation was probably already planned, and all that was needed was the appearance of propriety.

Enter Robert Mueller, a highly respected war hero and former director of the FBI. Those choosing Mueller were already aware that he was in failing health and would not be an active part in the investigation, but would be presented as if he were. (My own assessment of Mueller’s condition during the hearings is that he was indeed showing symptoms of senile decay. It was not an act. There are subtle things that cannot be faked, e.g., the slackness of the mouth and face.) The staffing and actual conduct of the investigation was run by Andrew Weissman, a notorious former prosecutor and friend of the Clintons.

Despite stacking the deck as completely as they could, the Democrats still could not find impeachable behavior on the part of Pres. Trump. To leave some political firewood, the section on obstruction was written. Normally, once a special prosecutor files his report, it is done. But the Dems had not reached their goal, so they had Mueller do a verbal summary, and when that didn’t help, they forced a hearing and had Mr. Mueller testify for hours. Once again, the Dems had egg on their face from the hearing. Despite trying to find anything they could expand into a talking point and then into a further investigation, there was, in fact, nothing.

However, politics being what it is, the Democrats will continue to pursue their dreams of impeachment by continuing to investigate the President’s family and associates—hoping to find something, anything, with which to create guilt by association. I listened to some of what the Dems said afterwards, and both Nadler and Lieu were making up accusations out of whole cloth. They deliberately misread and misinterpreted the testimony to sound as if they still were game on.

So far, it would appear that the Republicans’ hand is strengthened. Despite the glee that [this situation] may give better chances in 2020, I am less joyful about that part. More important will be the economy and the border wall. As my friend Mike says, “In politics, two weeks is an eternity.” However, if the Dems continue to pursue the impeachment path, as they seem they will, they will turn off all the moderates that thought they would keep their campaign promises, and we could see another election where the Dems take a blood bath and lose even more House seats, Senate seats, and state-lawmaker seats.

That is my take. I welcome comment, disagreement, and criticism.

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John Mac said...

Outstanding summary and I concur with his assessment 100%.