Sunday, July 28, 2019

and now, I have something new to look for

The video below, aside from being very educational about Russian cuisine in general, mentions a drink called kvass (квас in Cyrillic), a beer-like drink made from old, fermented rye bread. I don't normally drink alcohol, but I'm curious enough to want to hunt this down. While I do that, you can entertain yourself by watching the video below, which shows how to make a Russian dish called okroshka (окрошка), which the presenter describes as somewhere between a soup, a salad, and a cereal. Bizarre and disgusting-looking, like most food in the axis extending from Eastern Europe to Russia, okroshka is something I might also want to try at least once. I know next to nothing about Russian cuisine, so I've got to start somewhere, da?

Dongdaemun contains a little Russia-town, and I know of several shops, not far from the Uzbek restaurant Samarkand, that are likely to sell kvass.

Curiously, the video presenter's moniker is "My Name is Andong," which makes me wonder whether he either has ties to Korea or is based here (think: Andong soju from Andong, reputedly Korea's most conservative city). Or maybe "Andong" is a word also found in other cultures...? Maybe that really is his name?

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