Friday, July 26, 2019

Mueller fallout

Jon Miller:

Tim Pool:


So apparently, Robert Mueller looked old and confused during his testimony. Jon Miller, in the above video, shows unflattering footage of Mueller stammering his way through his answers. Mueller was unsure which president had appointed him to be the US Attorney for Massachusetts; he was also unfamiliar with the name "Fusion GPS," the shady organization that helped produce the so-called "Steele dossier," a fake document that prompted the entire Russian-collusion witch hunt against Trump.

Tim Pool points out that the footage of Mueller's hearing isn't a 100% win for Trump, but Pool concedes that, on the whole, the hearing is a massive disaster for the Democrats, some of whom may have been hoping for Mueller to finally deliver a knockout punch to the Trump administration—anything to get Trump impeached. This has been a vain hope from the beginning, but the Democrats have committed themselves to a particular path, and they have no intention of altering their own trajectory. Like a pit bull, they can't let go.

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