Sunday, July 07, 2019

right-wing pussification

How long can the right take the verbal and physical abuse it constantly receives from the left? How long until an armed rightie snaps, pulls out a gun, and starts drilling holes in leftie foreheads? The left loves to project: it loves to talk about how "violent" the right is, yet most of the incidents of right/left violence are initiated by the left. Finding articles and stats to support the evidence of one's eyes is actually difficult: Google searches on the topic are slanted to show that it's the right (more precisely, the "far right" or the "alt-right") that is violent and dangerous. But it's not the right that's burning down parts of Berkeley campus, nor is it the right that's attacking journalists like Andy Ngo with "milkshakes" made from concrete powder.

Maybe it just sags like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

Here's a rightie who thinks his fellow righties have turned into pussies who passively take abuse. "I'm sick and tired ... [of seeing] a Trump supporter gettin' their ass kicked," he says.

His solution: I'm armed, so bring it! I agree with the basic idea that, if you're assaulted, you have a Second Amendment right to defend yourself, but I know that shooting someone in the head for assaulting you with a concrete-powder milkshake is more likely to land you in jail than to land any assailants in jail. Your act will be viewed as a disproportionate response. Shooting a few cowardly, attack-from-behind Antifa bastards might feel satisfying while you're doing it, but in the end, it's you who will be going down, and the news will make your assailants out to be saintly martyrs—victims, not victimizers. So what's the answer?

ADDENDUM: The Left Escalates Violence as Antifa Arms Themselves

Masked Antifa Terrorists Get Tossed to the Ground as They Try to Push Past Police Line Near White House (h/t Bill Keezer)

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