Thursday, July 04, 2019

mouths for eyes, mouth-eyes, eye-mouths...

Call them mouth-eyes, eye-mouths, mouths for eyes, or whatever, but these are—when they're done well—among my favorite animated GIFs on the internet. Some people I know find them too creepy to stare at. Me, I love them.

Here's Michael Fassbender from "X-Men: First Class" (reviewed here), during the scene in which he telekinetically moves a giant radar dish:

Here's everyone's favorite president, showing his true talky colors:

The "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!" moment from "Star Trek II," enhanced:

And my favorite of all of these, which I blogged here a long time ago—just a young woman doing her young-woman thing:

Keywords: mouths, eyes, tongues, mouth-eyes, eye-mouths, mouth for eyes, animated GIF

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