Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Teespring sends me my tee shirt

And here is my tee shirt, designed and being sold over at my Teespring shop:

Opened at the office, straight out of the plastic mail pack:

Spread out at home (it's 4XL, so yeah, it's big):

If I wear the shirt to the office, at least one of my coworkers will be too embarrassed to accompany me on our daily walks. Ha ha! This same coworker, who is fairly humorless (when he laughs, it's always at the wrong thing), called me and my tee "passive-aggressive," but I'm fairly sure he doesn't understand what that term means. I'd say the shirt is a pretty active gesture, personally. I did contemplate making the shirt more overtly angry in tone by adding a phrase like "In this country, ..." at the beginning, or slapping on an angry emoticon, but in the end, I decided to stick to the central message. Besides, if Koreans are walking on the left when they're walking toward me, they've already decided to ignore the ubiquitous "walk on the right side" rule, so I doubt my shirt would shame them or otherwise motivate them to move out of my way. During a three-hour walk on Tuesday night, I quietly observed what people on the wrong side of the bike path did as they approached me (NB: I didn't have my tee shirt on then). All of them veered away from me, and I didn't have to budge once. Maybe it was an especially nice crop of people that night. Upshot: the shirt's message is only for a small cluster of assholes; the majority of Koreans are fine.

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