Sunday, July 07, 2019

here's an idea

What if, instead of training way down to Yeosu on the 19th and staying two nights, I save money by doing a long, nighttime walk right here? I've been curious about walking the Tancheon ("Coal Creek," as Charles suggested calling it) path down to Bundang—a trip of about 22,000 steps. Doing a round trip would therefore be like doing a day's worth of walking toward either Incheon or Yangpyeong. I could start right after work on Friday night and be back at my place Saturday morning after the announced 6 a.m. end of the planned blackout. Wouldn't have to endure the burning summer sun at all, and the total cost for such a jaunt would be a couple of bucks—the price for two or three liters of bottled water.

ADDENDUM: if the weekend of the 19th turns out to be rainy, I'll either test out my new poncho or bite the financial bullet and train down to Yeosu. Or something travel-y like that.

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