Friday, April 16, 2021

BLM hypocrisy

You've heard, by now, that the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors—who has spoken out against the evils of capitalism and the white man—bought a $1.5 million mansion in a mostly white neighborhood, along with other properties, totaling $3.2 million.  She was also looking at properties out in the Bahamas.  Capitalism and white people are so evil!  Cullors is obviously sacrificing herself by plunging into the very heart of that evil, demonstrating firsthand how capitalism corrupts the soul, and white people destroy the good earth.  Let us take a moment to reflect silently on Cullors's noble self-immolation.  Ha!

Well, the left is nothing if not deaf to its own hypocrisy, but in the spirit of hope—hope that the message might actually get through to some lefties, despite all the deafness and scotosis—the rest of us should do what we can to mock rank hypocrites like Cullors.  To that end, I'm reposting the following hilarious image, seen over at Instapundit:

Fight the power!  Fight the powers that BE!

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