Saturday, April 24, 2021

how to make a statement without making a statement

Watch the following How Ridiculous video and, while keeping your frightened local government's pandemic measures in mind, note what's not happening in the video:

The idiotic coward's corner will, of course, scream, "Superspreader event!"

I was in the office for three hours, today, to finish up some work.  I decided to take the long way while walking home, and as per usual, I did so without my mask.  Not a peep from anyone, and no cops descended on me.  So at least there's that:  the country might have bought into the nonsense that you have to mask up while outside, but while an unmasked person is outside, there's no Karening, and no Soviet-style ratting-out of fellow citizens and expats.  Be thankful for the little things, I guess.

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