Tuesday, April 27, 2021

some fun ones via Bill

Bill Keezer sent over a slew of memes.  Below are a few of my favorites.  Let's start off with a meme that I've slapped up here before:

The above is a good reminder of leftist projection.  The left loves to project:  accuse the right of racism while being racist.  Accuse the right of fascism while being fascist.  Accuse the right of trampling the Constitution while actually trampling the Constitution.  And as we see above:  accuse the right of perpetrating all the gun violence while actually using guns to murder people.

This next one is a good reminder of which culture is superior:

Yup:  I said it.  A culture whose women are strong, capable, unafraid of displaying beauty, and capable of shooting your fucking head right off your fucking neck is far superior to a culture that puts its women in garbage bags because the men are deadly afraid of woman and their sinful wiles.

And now, my favorite of the bunch:

More like the above, please.  The police are showing themselves to be useless.


And once again, as we see below, capable confidence is sexy while feckless victimhood is not:

Below, a point that's been made by Styx for several years:

We should add Los Angeles and San Francisco to the above list!

Apparently, when global gun stats are tallied, the US is one of the few countries to include suicides in its count.  This inflates US statistics by a lot, and, as Styx says, when you also control for urban gang violence (which most gun violence is), you come to realize that, on the whole, the US is a far safer place to live than much of Europe.  Gun violence is generally confined to Democrat-run cities, as the above meme notes.

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