Thursday, April 29, 2021

is this making a statement?

I see most "waves" of feminism (i.e., first wave, second wave, third wave, etc.) as little more than the expression of female insecurities and the attempt to appropriate maleness to compensate for weakness (via shoulder pads, loud and aggressive behavior, etc.).  Truly empowered women don't classify themselves as feminists; they don't need to.  (And if empowered women do label themselves as feminists, then they're probably my favorite kind:  Camille Paglia feminists!)  That said, is the video below a commentary on insecure feminists?  I don't know, but it cracked me up.  Enjoy.

(The character sure seems to fit the insecure, "every man is a predator" type.)

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John Mac said...

She won't have a boyfriend for long I'd reckon...

I've actually never encountered the attitude they make fun of in this video. Usually, it's the opposite. "I have a boyfriend, but he's not here. So in the meantime..." I'm not sure which is worse.