Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Remember Kimberly Klacik?  She's got some choice words that might pertain to the recent shooting of 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio.  Bryant had assaulted two people with a knife when police shot her dead, as they were well within their rights to do, given that Bryant had been brandishing a deadly weapon.  Bryant was no cringing victim:  she was a violent, screaming murderess-to-be.  If you can't use lethal force when a deadly weapon is being wildly brandished, then when can you use deadly force?  Is the problem that Bryant was a woman?  I thought that, according to feminists, the whole man-woman dichotomy needed to be dispensed with.  Was it that she was black?  What does skin color have to do with attacking people with a knife?  Was Bryant poor or something?  She wasn't rich, but she also wasn't destitute.  Is it that the killing was done by a policeman?  Well, how's that whole defund-the-police campaign going?  No spikes in crime in areas abandoned by the police, right?

Anyway, Kim Klacik takes a different angle:

Klacik's going to get a lot of pushback against her tweet because Bryant was apparently in foster care at the time of her death.  Or maybe that's Klacik's point:  bad parenting is bad parenting, whether it's a function of unsatisfactory foster care or parental laziness and idiocy.  It could also be that Klacik is talking about a completely different situation from Bryant's; she mentions a "13-year-old" while Bryant was 16.  Whatever the case, Klacik's focus is on wild, knife-wielding teenaged girls.

Meanwhile, Styx talks about the death of Jaslyn Adams, a little girl whom you won't be hearing much about in the mainstream media because she was shot by Black Lives Matter members in Chicago.  The story has, in fact, made it to the MSM, but it probably won't have legs because it doesn't fit the preferred narrative that white supremacy is the fundamental problem in the States.  Remember:  it's narrative first, truth last:

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