Monday, April 26, 2021

from an Instapundit comment section

Sometimes, the Instapundit comment sections are great fodder for memes, snide remarks, and other pearls of wisdom and wit.  Here are some images I just came across:

Is the above accusation fair to all liberals and Democrats?  Probably not.  But it covers most of them.  The running narrative on the left side of the aisle, these days, is that white supremacy is, and has always been, a problem in American history, society, and culture.  We are a racist, bigoted nation—a beacon to no one.  That's why "X is racist" is such a popular thought these days.  Look what's happening, not just to Americans, but to Isaac Newton.

Then there are these beauties:

Sorry, snowflakes.  Sometimes, you just suck.  Get used to it.

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John Mac said...

That's why the left has moved to "equity" now. Equality of opportunity did not result in equal results. Damn, some people are just smarter and/or more talented than others. We can't have that! Hence, 2+2=4 is racist!