Wednesday, April 07, 2021

some COVID news to chew on

Seen on Instapundit and presented for your consideration:

1. Texas Has Fewer COVID Cases Than Michigan—Despite Nearly 20M More People and No Restrictions.

2. Increases in Coronavirus Cases Are Happening Mainly in States With Stricter COVID-19 Rules.

3. The States Without Mask Mandates Have Lower COVID Rates.

4. As more states drop mask mandates, comparing CDC data between states with mandates vs those without is very revealing.

5.  Wake up, people: Science shows mask zealots were very, very wrong.

The narrative is that masks, social distancing, and all the other trappings of security theater are actually effective at slowing the spread of the virus.  The reality is that the virus is going to run its course no matter what we do, and if anything, our vain precautions tend to make matters worse.  The essential self-delusion is the same as it's always been:  man can somehow master nature.  The harsh truth is that man can only wait for the tidal wave to strike; rebuilding is for the aftermath.

You might reply that fatalism is the wrong attitude to adopt:  people have made enormous progress in terms of personal hygiene, public sanitation, and infection control over the centuries; raging diseases can be fought and managed.  All true.  But look around you:  does any of that "progress" amount to mastery of one's surroundings?  No.  So hunker down, keep practicing—at the basic level—that commonsense hygiene, sanitation, and IC that you're so proud of, and don't worry overmuch:  if the destroying angel comes for you because of age, comorbidities, or other weaknesses, then... it's just your time to go.  So be stoic and accept your destiny.  That's about the best you can do.  Meanwhile, go live a life unruled by fear.

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John Mac said...

This is precisely the way I see it too. It's odd, but nice, to have my thinking articulated better than I could say it myself. Well done~