Sunday, April 04, 2021

seen in an Instapundit comments section

I'm annoyed that I had to proofread the original meme and make many changes, but the meme itself is certainly worth considering.

What's funny is the way the left thinks that butthurt righties are now experiencing the pain and anger the left had experienced back in 2016, with "Not My President!" and all that.  See how it feels, righties?  This is what it was like for us for four damn years!  The difference, of course, is that the left engaged in a massive fantasy about Russia, collusion with Russia, and other nonexistent shenanigans—such that at least three separate federal investigations failed to turn up any evidence for any of them.  The 2020 election, by contrast, offered plenty of evidence of Democrat malfeasance in the form of videos, sworn affidavits, and other testimonies, but the great, lumbering machine of jurisprudence took that moment to jam its own gears and refuse to take any claims of election fraud seriously.  2016 and 2020 are apples and oranges.  And Biden knows full well he's not a legitimate president.  If he were, he'd dismiss the troops and remove the barriers around the Capitol.


John Mac said...

This is one of those rare times I have to disagree with you, Kevin.

"And Biden knows full well he's not a legitimate president."

Biden doesn't know full well that he is Biden.

It's just amazing to me that the deep state was able to pull this off. But once the fourth estate stopped being a watchdog and became Dem party lackeys, I guess it was inevitable.

I just don't know that there is any way back from here. The faux outrage and lies surrounding the Georgia election reforms tell me that the "fix" is intended to be permanent. And when you have big corporate entities jumping on that bandwagon, well, there ain't much power left for the people.

Sad times for those of us who love freedom.

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, I realized I might get flak for saying "Biden knows full well" about anything. In my defense, I'd agree he's got dementia, but I'd say he's not completely over the cliff quite yet. To that meager extent, he knows things.