Friday, April 02, 2021

liberal Naomi Wolf speaks out against vaccine "passports"

"The vaccine-passport platform is the same platform as the [Chinese] social-credit system."
—Naomi Wolf

Wolf warns us about the new fascist reality.  This is closer to real fascism than the bullshit the left keeps calling "fascism."

What are my choices when the "passport" is instituted here in South Korea?

1. Resist. Rebel. Kick and scream.
2. Leave the country. Game over.
3. Meekly accept the inevitable.
4. Accept the passport... then subvert it.

Option (1) means getting kicked out of the country.  Option (2) offers no guarantee that the country I move to will be any better.  Option (3) is almost unthinkable, so I think Option (4) is my most likely course of action.  A little legal aikido, if you will.  This will involve a lot of passive-aggressive behavior—"neglecting" to meet deadlines, "forgetting" certain appointments at the district office, "being confused" when talking with law enforcement, etc.  And then... finding a way to exercise a quiet noncompliance when it comes to being tracked and having my private health records open to the view of strangers.  I don't know what specific form this resistance may take, but I will be resisting.  Maybe putting that thought on this blog will get me in trouble, but I've been part of low-key resistance movements before.

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John Mac said...

Yeah, this is scary indeed. I keep thinking "they've gone too far this time", and yet the sheeple just keep bending over for more.

It's going to be a challenge for me. Refusing/resisting equates to the inability to travel again. Like you, my instinct is to find a way to undermine the program. I think in South Korea there won't be a way to legally challenge. I'm hoping the courts in the USA see it differently.