Tuesday, April 13, 2021

is China close to invading Taiwan?

This just might not be Joe Biden's day.  After screaming about Donald Trump's warmongering, of which there was none, the left now has to contend with the prospect that Joe Biden, their hero, might just lead the nation into military conflict, if not into outright war.  Sensing age, senility, and general weakness, the world's various powers are growling and rumbling, and some of them are slavering at the prospect of battle.  China, for example, may soon invade Taiwan in a brutal display of its power.  Such an invasion would be a dare to the US:  are you really going to honor your commitments to Taiwan, or will you just sit there like a good dog?  Not that I'm eager to see us pit our increasingly flaccid, increasingly woke military against the might of China and its expendable human wave, but we're going to have to figure out where we stand on the Taiwan thing, and soon.  

How likely is such an invasion?  Chris Chappell has the scoop:


  1. Yeah, it's coming. China is also rattling her swords here in the Philippines. Actually took over some islands the World Court declared PI territory and have chased off the Filipino fishing boats with military vessels.

    Scary times, but China won't be deterred unless the price they have to pay for Asian dominance is deemed too high. Meanwhile, our commander in chief doesn't know what day it is...

  2. I can't believe I'd written the title backward. Fixed now.



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