Sunday, April 18, 2021

Kevin retouched: the magic of Photoshop

Can you see the various areas that got retouched?  I'll let you in on the secret beneath the photo, where I'll leave the answer invisible and between brackets.  Just highlight the space between the brackets to see what I did to myself.

What got retouched?

[(1) I removed my forehead zits and the scab on the left side of my nose (my left, your right); (2) I removed some small scabs from the front of my nose; (3) I closed up the "philtrum hole" of my mustache; (4) I darkened my eyebrows using Photoshop's "burn" tool.  I've always wanted thicker eyebrows.  (I like women with thick eyebrows.  Very sexy.)]

When I say I think thick eyebrows are sexy, I mean...

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John Mac said...

Yeah, it's hard to tell what is real anymore. I've seen photos that some gals I've met in person post on FB, and I'm like "she doesn't look anything like that!" This makes me very wary of the photos I see on dating she real or is that photoshop?