Saturday, April 03, 2021

watch without the annoying ads:
how China changed one liberal's view on Trump

Liberals and leftists—especially leftists—blithely toss around words like "fascism" and "dictatorship" without having any idea what those words mean, and without having any experience of living inside such societies.  Once in a while, though, someone on the left will get red-pilled by life and come to understand that the leftist view of the world is horrifically skewed, distorted, and detached from reality.  Below is a video I'd initially found on YouTube:  "How Living in China Changed My View on Trump and US Politics."  On YouTube, the video is shot through with obnoxious ads; luckily, the video was also uploaded to BitChute where (presumably) there are no ads.  I've embedded the BitChute upload below, so feel free to watch it all the way through, uninterrupted.  The guy's name is Kevin, by the way.

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