Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Rep. Steve Scalise on "child abuse" at the US-Mexico border

A leftist will be tempted to play the whataboutism card, but this mess is all on the left, starting with Obama and his toxic border policies.  Separated families?  Kids in cages?  That all gained momentum under Obama.  Representative Steve Scalise (you may recall that Scalise nearly died after a mass shooting occurred at a baseball game when deranged Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson fired into a crowd of Republicans and severely injured Scalise) went to the US-Mexico border and tweeted video showing the horrible conditions, under the Biden administration, that illegal-immigrant children have to endure. His tweet:

The leftist media won't talk about this. My liberal buddy Dr. Steve is silent on the matter as Biden goes from one major fuckup to the next, and we all wait for the old prune to kick off. If you click on the tweet and start reading the comments, you'll see that, as I said, lefties are already playing the whataboutism card. Under Trump, though, conditions were far better. Now, many of the detention facilities are at up to 1700% capacity.  Let that sink in.  That didn't happen under Trump.  And if lefties want to say "Where was your concern when Trump was in office?"—I'd have to ask, "Where was your concern when Obama was in office?"  We could do this shit all day.

Frankly, I don't give a damn about the miserable conditions in the detainment facilities, which are the natural consequence of a perverse immigration policy (and yes, even Trump wasn't as strict as he could have been).  If children pay the price for their parents' unwise decision to illegally cross the border, then blame those parents.  What I do care about is the larger picture of a rapidly eroding nation that is stupidly at war with itself over the obvious question of whether or not an organism requires a skin to survive.  A country's border is its skin.  Is this even a debate?  I've used the potato-peeler analogy before; maybe the anti-borders people really ought to get together and start peeling off their skin in protest.  Hell, I'd watch that.

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