Sunday, April 04, 2021

first 5 out of 10 images

Here are five of the ten images I've been making for Book 6 of our textbook series.

The first image is for a chapter on cloning.  As you see below, the scientist is wondering what went wrong with the horse clone when all the other clones are perfect:

Below is a pic for a chapter on body language.  The woman looks repulsed by the giant earthworm.  I joked with a coworker that the scene also has a Freudian dimension:

A chapter in book 6 titled "Animal Defenses" gets the following pic, which shows an aikidoka wrestling with an octopus that's demonstrating its own molluscan version of aikido.  One thing that took me a long time to figure out was that, when you're drawing octopi, you're not always obliged to show all eight tentacles.  This actually comes as a relief.

The pic was hard to draw.  I'm not much of an artist, so I had to sketch this out with blue pencil first.  Figuring out which tentacle was doing what, and how the human was reacting, was tough mental work in terms of getting the spatial relations right.  I used the Photoshop "burn" tool to add a bit of dimensional shading to the octopus:

The chapter on phobias gets a rather obvious cartoon.  I had originally wanted to do a cartoon showing a man screaming at the sight of a large spider being offered to him.  In the end, I was too lazy to draw the screamer, the spider, and the hand doing the offering.  So I went with this cliché scenario:

What I should have done, above, was to draw someone surrounded by many of the things that phobics fear, such as clowns, snakes, spiders, etc.—all while the phobic stood or cringed atop a huge, thin tower (acrophobia) surrounded by a vast, deep body of water (aquaphobia).  Damn.  Too late now.  I have to move on because I've got five more drawings to prep, and not enough hours in the day to do so.

Below is my scenario for a chapter on cartoons.  I guess this is a bit sinister:  a Mickey mouse-like cartoon character has charmed, seduced, or outright stolen a man's girlfriend, and she seems quite happy about the turn of events.  I imagine her shouting back to her now-former boyfriend, "Sorry, but he's more considerate, and he's got a bigger dick!"  For copyright purposes, I stretched "Mickey's" ears so that he's now more of a rabbit than a mouse.

So!  Those're five of the ten drawings I've been doing.  I have another five sketched out, inked, and scanned, so now, it's a matter of running the drawings through Photoshop to add color, backgrounds, etc.  I really need to buy and learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, which is better for handling line art like the stuff I draw.

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