Friday, April 09, 2021

doing a walk tomorrow

I'm stepping out tomorrow with pal JW to do a 20-some-kilometer walk from Yeoju to... not sure, exactly. JW apparently didn't like the route I had originally planned, so in typically nonlinear JW style, everything's now up in the air. We'll be discussing the route while we're on the bus to Yeoju. I'm going to insist on sticking to my original plan, but we may end up doing something else. More later. 


John Mac said...

Good luck on the hike. 20K sounds almost reasonable...

On our group hikes we usually just rotate who is going to lead the trail. Of course, JW doesn't have your experience or knowledge of potential routes, so that approach is probably not applicable.

Do you prefer solo hikes or ones with a companion? I enjoy my group hikes, but also look forward to my solitary days. Two different vibes.

Kevin Kim said...

Today's hike, depending on the route, will be anywhere from 22 to 27 km.

I normally prefer going solo, but JW is a friend from 1994, so I'm comfortable walking with him... unless he gets antsy and starts nixing my well-thought-out plans at the last minute, which is a typically zigzaggy, Korean thing to do. He's done this a few times before, to the point where I'm thinking today might be our last hike together for a while.