Tuesday, August 03, 2021

bread & pasta substitutes checklist

I've been running down a mental list of breads and pasta for which I need to find keto substitutes (because there's simply no way I could just forgo all bread). The following list is subject to revision, but it'll give you an idea of what I can do, given the recipes I'm now familiar with thanks mainly to YouTube.

Do I have keto recipes for the following breads, pastas?

sujebi dumplings—yes
"potato" dumplings for pot pie—yes
white sandwich bread—yes
French toast bread—yes
baguettes—yes (but I need to buy a baguette mold)
pizza/calzone dough—yes (the only context in which fathead dough makes sense)
hamburger buns—yes
hot-dog buns—no (still searching)
gyro wraps—yes
savory pie dough—yes
sweet pie dough—maybe (haven't tried making it yet)

Decent hot-dog buns have proved elusive. I have yet to settle on a recipe that I think produces satisfactory buns. They need to be light and not crumbly, preferably not stuffed with psyllium husk and/or coconut flour, and able to hold a hot dog well. You'd think it'd be easy to find a good recipe for hot-dog buns, but thus far, I haven't seen one. 

Stay tuned, though. One might be out there.

Keep in mind that keto doughs are not carb-free, so just because I can now make keto surrogates of my favorite breads and pastas doesn't mean I can stuff my face at will: I will still have to count carbs. That said, my carb and calorie limits will be going up once I finish Newcastle, so I'll be able to do more than just eat a single sandwich. That's going to be a relief, even if the cost is not eating for three days of the week.

So that's the list so far. Feel free to add more breads and pastas in the comments; the above are all I can think of at the moment.

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