Saturday, January 28, 2023

BREAKING: police-bodycam footage of the Paul Pelosi incident

The police-bodycam footage of the Paul Pelosi incident has finally been released. See here. PJ Media has this to say:

After watching the video, a few things have been cleared up. The police knocked on the door, which was closed at the time. After several seconds, the door was finally opened. It does appear that Paul Pelosi was the one who opened it. However, he was standing in the entry when the door opened and backed up slightly upon it opening all the way.

Contrary to some past reports, DePape is fully clothed. However, Pelosi appears to be wearing a button-down shirt and boxers. Both Pelosi and his attacker are holding onto the hammer when the door opens. DePape appears to be holding it with his right hand and has his left hand on Pelosi’s wrist, while Pelosi is holding onto the hammer with his right hand.

Paul Pelosi also appears to be holding a bottle or can in his left hand. He does not appear to be in fear for his life and actually looks like he might be drunk or under the influence of some substance.

This footage has long been kept from the public. It wasn’t until several news organizations sued to get access to it that a judge finally allowed its release.

It all goes down pretty quickly. When DePape, who's holding the hammer (Pelosi is also holding on to it, but he's doing so defensively, as if to prevent DePape from swinging the weapon), refuses to put the hammer down when ordered, the police rush in at the same time that DePape attacks Mr. Pelosi. Both men go down. Mr. Pelosi is either immediately unconscious or having trouble breathing. As the police yell at DePape to "gimme your fuckin' hands," you can hear what sounds like snoring or weirdly labored breathing from Pelosi. The footage is frustratingly brief, but we now know, as the above-quoted article says, that DePape wasn't naked or in his skivvies.

I look forward to the torrent of commentary on this.

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