Wednesday, January 25, 2023

real burgers

The last part of my last hurrah was burgers yesterday evening. I prepped enough beef for several patties, but I made only three at 120 g each (about a quarter pound before cooking) and put the rest of the ground beef into the freezer for later. One "oddball" hamburger would be paired with sriracha ketchup (a new thing they're selling downstairs); the other two got my homemade burger sauce (explained in the veggie-burger post).

toasted the buns

Some people don't like their bacon super-crispy on burgers. I do:

Two burgers with the rest of my Havarti, one burger with vegan cheese:

One burger, prepped:

I managed to click the following pic before the top bun slid off:

A tongue of lettuce sticks out, mocking you:

The two havarti burgers:

A slightly different angle:

And finally, the food-porn closeup:

Good burgers, all in all, and a good way to end the party. Now, we switch to diet mode: 1,000 calories a day, OMAD keto, for ten weeks. (OMAD = one meal a day)

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John Mac said...

Well, three burgers in one sitting is a helluva meal! One of those massive things would have filled me up. I'm impressed with your ingestion capacity.

Good luck with the diet plan!