Thursday, August 07, 2003

Ach, du liebe Gott

Arnold say no?????? Hulk mad. When Hulk mad, Hulk want to fuck shit up. (via Drudge)

[NB: At the moment, it appears that Drudge is using an inside source, so there's no link to another article. I may revise this link later after other sites confirm/deny the rumor.]

In other news: Illinois about to become haven for illegal tongue-splitting.

DRUDGE'S LATEST: Arnold WILL run!!!!!!!!

[NB: As before, this comes from a Drudge source. Other sites will doubtless confirm/deny.]

On a personal note-- I'm glad. If nothing else, attention is being brought to the economic plight of California. While I think Bill Maher has a point (that we shouldn't be recalling major elected figures at our whim), I think the state's need is dire, and Arnold may indeed be a good man to run it.

UPDATE: Drudge now offers a link.

In another Gott verdammte case, we discover the Vatican ordered priestly silence on sex abuse as far back as 1962. Mais sommes-nous surpris?

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