Wednesday, August 13, 2003

make some noise

Like many geeks, I receive my daily "A Word A Day" (AWAD) email. Sometimes I learn something; sometimes I don't. Very rarely do I feel interested enough to scroll down and read whatever trivia Anu has written/collected about words, and I always delete the weekly newsletters. But in today's AWAD, which featured a word I already knew ("foley"), Anu offered a kick-ass link. Enjoy.

In other news... go to the Naked Villainy site and read Mike's latest on the California recall election. Mike argues against the complainers calling the recall election undemocratic, and seems to imply (am I getting this right, Mike?) that the recall may actually represent a bit too much democracy! Tyranny of the masses, voters getting exactly what they deserve, etc. A must-read post for ArnoldWatchers and all the rest.

More ArnoldWatch news (via Drudge, Daily Rotten, etc.):

GOPers flirting with death!

Bush hesitant to endorse Arnold too strongly, but Arnold's campaign may be salutary for Bush, anyway.

The world, meanwhile, points and laughs.

God angers Hindus in Virginia; some interpret this as a pro-Arnold endorsement, noting the religious significance of the number 9, though questioning why the endorsement happened on the east coast.

Satanic anti-Arnold pact.

Bush playing coy, but meanwhile, Brits become more and more agitated.

Worried that Arnold's movies might act like a sort of Jedi Mind Trick, the FCC takes matters into its own tendrils.

Unresponsive to the world as usual, the French continue to die and suffer power losses in Paris, where people completely miss the metaphorical parallel between electric power loss and France's increasing irrelevance on the world scene.

Dirty politics at work: Briton tries to steal Maria Shriver's favorite dildo.

In unrelated news: this is what enlightenment is like. Pay special attention to God's description of it.

Another sign from God about the coming Reign of Arnold... but why, Lord, why in Egypt?

North Korean fear of Terminator results in a diplomatic casualty.

North Korea, in attempt to imitate the blunt Terminator's peremptory ways, makes pre-talk demands.

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