Friday, August 15, 2003

black is beautiful

If you're reading this blog in the States, you're already very aware of the huge US-Canada blackout that's affected over 50 million people on either side of the border. Blackout victims are behaving remarkably well, but I was nevertheless reminded of that quote... how does it go?

Oh, yes:

"Civilization is only three missed meals away from anarchy."

[NB: There are all sorts of variations to this quote, so maybe I should have added, "or something like that." Type "meals away from anarchy" or "missed meals away from anarchy" into Google and you'll see what I mean.]

UPDATE: Is this really a blackout... or is Trinity simply trying to help Neo reach the Source? Spotted any flying Keanus lately?

That leads me to another thought. The christic resurrection myth is, in my opinion, based largely on wish-fulfilling fantasy. When people refuse to acknowledge someone's death (as is the case in modern times with Bruce Lee, Elvis, Tupac, etc.), this fuels the speculation that eventually gets written down and turned into "fact." Or at least tradition. John Spong is probably right to conjecture that Jesus is buried somewhere in an unmarked grave.

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