Thursday, August 14, 2003

Blogger Sucks: Take 2

My SiteMeter button has been great for proving that *I* am responsible for most of my traffic (though I've had up to ten time zones reading me, which is cool). But I'm going to have to take the button down, because it's causing me and others too many damn problems, especially with scrolling downward to view my older posts. For whatever reason, you can't scroll past the level of the SiteMeter button itself, so if I've written a long post (and I'm often afflicted with Den Bestiality that way), you probably won't reach the end of it.

My solution has been to resize my window-- make it part-screen, then make it full-screen again. Once I do that, the problem goes away, and I can scroll all the way down. But if I refresh my screen, or if I leave my blog and come back later, I have to go through that process again.

Which bites dead horse balls.

So: BYE-BYE, SiteMeter button! It's not your fault; I blame Blogger.

(We'll meet again, though. I like some of those nifty SiteMeter features.)

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