Friday, August 08, 2003

this just in

An email from Edwin Thomas:

Because of my work, I have direct knowledge of what some active military
analysts think of North Korea. After passing along the statement from Captain
Scarlet to one such analyst, the response was "Destroying or occupying the
symbolic and functional capital of South Korea is, without a doubt, one of the
single highest priorities for the North (Korea) in the event of an invasion."

-Edwin Thomas

And before I schlep outta here, I have to link you to Kevin at IA's latest chefs d'oeuvre, here (talk of nut-crushing) and here (Freudian vaginal imagery). As always, great reads. And scatological-- the way we like it here.

I'm noting this a bit late, but the deadly Marmot rabidly tackles another NYT editorial, leaving nothing but quivering bits of dying flesh in the aftermath. May I also point out his excellent piece on Haenam and Bogil-do?

"Now let me get back to rolling around in my own dung!"

Wait-- that's not what Chuang-tzu originally said...

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