Tuesday, August 05, 2003

President Noh Mu Hyon's campaign against a free Korean press

Read these.

1. Incestuous Amplification on "Korean media targeted by Roh."

2. Marmot's Hole on the Korean president being "a whiny bitch."

Extremely good (if justifiably pissed-off in tone) commentaries. Also, read Kevin's "I Can Feel It Coming." I'm interested in Kevin's prediction that the US will somehow be blamed for Chung's suicide.

My perspective on Noh: from the beginning, the man struck me as Clintonian. Triangulating (not an inherently bad quality; a politician can't be blamed for being adaptable, but when the adapting is all there is, then that's significant), emotional, mercurial. The staff upheavals under Noh remind me of Clinton's first few months in office, when he tried much the same thing, and learned to his dismay that you shouldn't toss aside the Old Guard on the assumption that they knew nothing. If Noh can't tack toward the middle... heh... maybe some disgruntled Californians will demand a recall election.

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