Monday, August 04, 2003

When Gravity Attacks

I should show a little more compassion, a little more sympathy, I suppose... but I can't. The scandal-plagued Hyundai exec Chung Mong-hun, son of Hyundai's founder, just effected a gravity-assisted meeting with death by leaping from the 12th floor of Hyundai headquarters, pretty much guaranteeing that his tortured spirit will haunt the company forever-- not a pleasant prospect for future board meetings.

I belong to the school of thought that views Hyundai's complicity in the $500 million "investment" in North Korean projects as no different from a payoff-- a payoff, mind you, that resulted in NOTHING for the South. While this attitude may alienate me from many South Koreans, I have only their best interests at heart. South Korea (and the US on many occasions) has been an enabler in NK's looniness, and as far as I'm concerned...

What we're seeing is karma.

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