Wednesday, August 20, 2003

le parcours

The Maximum Leader revels in the finer things.

The Marmot peeks out at the rest of us, opens his mouth, and breathes fire. Enjoy his news survey.

Check out Kevin at IA's "Retarded Apes on Shrooms."

Glenn is pretty sure Osama bin Laden is dead. I think bin Laden's more like one of our action movie villains. You blow him up, he seems to be gone, then right as you're about to kiss your woman before the fadeout he appears, screaming and brandishing a machete. Never assume the enemy's gone unless you're actually gripping his head-- which you severed yourself-- by the hair.

Saddam's right arm found!

Satan's Anus, from whom I stole the above reference, also links to an article about North Korea here. The upshot: in a war between North and South Korea, the South will win, but it'll win faster if the US fights alongside it. Not much new information here, but more confirmation from an analyst that Seoul's still gonna get it.

Nature to technology: you suck.

French boner suffers further deflation.

Al Qaeda makes me laugh.

The UN isn't liked in Iraq.

Saudis give us another reason to blacklist their country.

Paul Newman speaks from the whirlwind.

Frank J, hilarious as usual, lampoons them all. If he ever comes out with a "collected works" (edited for spelling, of course), I'm buying.

This edition of Red Meat is right up my alley.

Failed hijacking. Fucking retards.

ArnoldWatch: the recall gets the official go-ahead.

North Korean bluster continues.

A shortened South Korean work week looms on the horizon. Will labor unions stop striking now, for God's sakes? This country's rapidly turning into France.

Not all South Koreans are happy that Noh apologized to the North.

Thievery! Which, for the moment, I assume to be primarily Korean.

A happy NK story, for once.

Grrrrrl power. Something to note: while women are still up and coming in politics, they're a major force in Korean Christianity.

This is the kind of story that reassures me that Russia and China won't get in the way if war breaks out here.

Tina Kim might not be the Scots' plate of haggis, but Edinburgh is apparently liking traditional Korean p'ansori.

The Scotsman tracks the new sniper shootings in the US-- again, not too far from my home.

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