Friday, August 22, 2003

Ann... the man?

I opened my mailbox a few minutes ago and found this, which I post without comment for you, the reading public, to ponder. Reactions are always welcome.

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Big Hominid:

AC is a man..maybe.

I have read a number of articles by Ann Coulter, but until recently had never
seen her speak. Last week my partner and I tuned in Larry King Live! on CNN to
watch an interview with Ann. At this point it should be noted that, though I
delve into politics at times, my partner and I are both artists, and both
professionally trained. (As opposed to some middle aged woman at a craft fair.)
Only a few minutes into the program, my partner stated "She's a man!" causing
me some minor confusion, as I had been listening rather than watching the
television. When I directed my attention to the screen, I could see what she
meant. Ann has an Adam's apple. As we watched the rest of the program, I must
admit that at times I lost track of what she was saying as the camera would do
a close-up and I would become distracted by the bobbing motion of the front
center of Ann's neck. I was on travel the next ten days, but being a curious
sort I spent a portion of my (nearly nonexistent) free time looking at some
pictures of Ann on the web. My observations are as follows:

Ann has an Adam's Apple, or some significant swelling at the front center of
her neck that moves when she speaks. There are glands inside the neck in that
general region that could be swollen, and her neck does appear to be more a
woman's neck in the other photos I was able to find. Those photos were
undoubtedly touched up, as they were created for publication (such as book
covers) and the qualities of the face had been noticeably smoothed as well. This
is normal for pictures used for such purposes, and is not suspicious in itself.

Ann has body proportions much more common in men than in women. I do not mean
breasts and hips, but the proportion of upper arm to lower, the shape and
breadth of the neck and shoulders, and such. Note that all of these
characteristics are within the human potential for women, they are just much
more likely in men.

Still being a curious sort, I cannot help but speculate- could my partner be
correct? Is Ann Coulter a man? (Or rather, was Ann once a man?)


OK, maybe I do have one comment: whatever her testosterone level, Ann wrote a cool zinger re: motivation to run in the California recall election:

It is puzzling why anyone would want to assume control of this fiasco. It's like vying to become Roseanne Barr's next husband.

UPDATE: Saddam also has identity issues.

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