Wednesday, August 06, 2003

le parcours

The Anglican Communion's very first openly gay bishop has been elected. Now... schism? My prediction: yes. Why? Because you can always trust people to have small minds.

In a disgusting display of public affection, Kim Jong Il tongue-kisses the entire Iranian government, thrusts a middle finger into the anus of the Iranian democratic revolutionary movement, and flings more dung at the US. Wouldn't it be cool if Iran bought a bunch of nukes... then we swooped in and pulled an Iraq ("We'll just take these, thank you!")? For those of us who approach this from the religious angle, it warms the heart to note that a godless country like North Korea is considered a better partner than a majority-Christian country like the US. Nope. No Islamic inconsistency here. Obviously the North Koreans, infidels though they be, are doing Allah's righteous work.

One of the more interesting examples of Chinese duplicity.

The French government may suck, but the citizens've got a kick-ass answer to soccer-moms: murderous tennis Dads! A quel prix la victoire?

And you thought Europeans weren't hot! Silly monkey!

More problem dads: this one forces his son to drink vomit. Maybe we'll see this scenario in the sixth Harry Potter novel...? "No, Uncle Vernon, please! I can't, I... gag-- cough-- hack--"

And a Texan dad proves you don't mess with Texans.

The mermaid has her maidenhead ravished. But why not? Starbucks is almost through planning a massive worldwide coup. Long live the Resistance!

I don't find myself agreeing with much on the Democratic Underground site (though they make a very interesting point about terrorism futures), but I do agree with #7 on their most recent Top Ten Conservative Idiots list. I never liked this guy.

Want some Swedish meatballs? I really shouldn't joke about this, but it was so Upton Sinclair...

Thanks to certain Muslim elements, acid chic has been all the rage in Pakistan. But some think twice and want their original, pre-scarred faces back. Depilex and Smile Again to the rescue!

How to conquer America in 20 easy steps!

Howard Dean invites the rest of the country to dream with him.

These guys getting hazard pay?

I wouldn't have agreed to this as a kid, but I think this is a great idea.

Remember the Taegu subway fire? The guy who caused it, then-suicidal Kim Dae-han, is being sentenced to life in prison for having, effectively, killed 198 people. Strange... the government wouldn't be wrong to indulge his suicidal tendencies one... last... time. But why won't he swing? Because "[prosecutors] had asked for a death penalty, but the court gave Mr. Kim a life sentence, saying that he was repentant and appeared to have been mentally unstable when he committed the crime."

Understatement of the year:

The North’s Asia-Pacific Peace Committee has issued a statement calling Chung’s death “murder by the knife of the [South’s] special prosecutor.” One senses a desire to quiet calls in the South for more transparency in its dealing with the North. Chung’s death already creates a crisis for the Mount Kumgang tourism project, and the North’s attitude could make things that much more difficult.

Yang Gil-seung suicide watch continues as the heat is turned up on Noh's aide. One of the most therapeutic aspects of blogging, I've discovered, is the Schadenfreude.

Strange but true: Koreans switch from grilling dogs to grilling people! Accompanying photo shows Chyung Dai-chul just moments before he was eaten by a pack of wild reporters.

One of the unintended side effects of Buddhist practice?

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