Sunday, August 17, 2003

study in contrasts

First, a news article describing a recent anti-US rally that took place around the Yongsan US Army base in Seoul.

Next, an article about an art exhibit in DC to "celebrate" 100 years of Korean immigration to the US.

Just... think about that contrast for a bit. In Korea, nothing positive is being recognized about US-SK relations. Meanwhile, in America, they're "celebrating" a century of immigration to the US.

You know, there hasn't been much recent focus on the disconnect between the Korean population (naturalized & not) living comfortably in the US, and the Koreans in South Korea. Maybe an angle to work on in future...?

All of which means... Glenn Reynolds must be impaled!
(pic of Glenn Reynolds in action to be found here)

Dogs of War Doggerel here.

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