Sunday, August 10, 2003

le parcours

Shortened, today, because I just defecated a huge amount of prose (scroll down and lookie, lookie).

Yup, things are pretty damn awful at Camp X-Ray.

Thailand chooses a lighter approach to executions.

I've long wanted to see a Buddhist version of "The Exorcist."

Whoops. See why I don't feel safer yet?

Bush plugs Schwarzenegger big time! Damn, that came out all wrong...

George Soros pledges to roast and eat George Bush's head.

The State Department targets Arabs as the war of ideas takes a strange twist.

Arnold watch: Everyone's watching.

We hit 'em again.

Anglican schism watch: so it begins.

Security guarantee for NK? I'm wholeheartedly against this. Unless, of course, we're planning on doing this with our fingers crossed. After all, NK's done that: "We'll sign a treaty, but walk away from it if it bothers us." Yeah, we may just change our minds and decide to frag your sorry ass.

Your chocolate got into my peanut butter!
Your peanut butter got all over my chocolate!

But human bodies don't taste better just because they've been violently combined.
[By the way, I was nowhere near this, so stop worrying.]

What would a shortened Korean work week look like? 69 hours instead of 70?

After years of hesitation, the UK takes a deep breath and reluctantly says...

More proof that the Buddhist metaphysic of impermanence is correct.

Thwarted in its attempt to send straight-talking John Bolton into the upcoming 6-way talks, the Bush Administration hits on a brilliant idea of how to sneak Bolton in...

...but NK smells American treachery and prepares its own heavy, just in case.

Young Koreans, currently fattening up nicely, may be skinny soon.

Because Koreans know subtlety.

Koreabloggers were predicting this (not yours truly; I was observing): once Hyundai caved to the striking workers, others workers were sure to follow. And now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Kia.

Ex-president Kim Dae-jung blames the Bush policy for NK's rush to nukify. Ayup.

The traditional Korean unit of measure for real estate is the "p'yong," about 3.96 square yards. Imagine paying $17,000 per p'yong for an apartment.

Korea loses its erection.

North Korean trespass. One of many, many incidents yearly.

One of my students claimed to have dreamed about me, and knew he would soon become rich.

More on the banned student group Hanch'eongnyon, the one that's been in the news.

Cynicism aside, this gives me hope. I share my Dad's love of spaceflight.

A half-peek into the world of defectors. I actually want to write a longer piece about an issue that's been bothering me: lack of coverage of the defectors who make it to SK, then fail to adapt. This is actually pretty significant. Any Koreabloggers wanna give me some tips on where to start digging?

Tragedy in Scotland. I like reading the Scotsman (thanks, Seth), especially the local news. I have no earthly clue why. And I like bringing it to you. I have no earthly clue why.

Scottish bouncer kicks ass... but still has to undergo surgery.

Merde in France continues its tireless campaign.

Why I worship Amritas. (And you will, too.)

For shits and grins, take a look at a dissertation done by one of my best buddies. Yes, this is how we academics talk. In his abstract, Steve mentions Mark Leyner's Et Tu, Babe. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this book. Bring with you a dirty mind and a huge vocabulary. I think this is the Leyner book that introduced me to a phrase I adore: "brachiating moron."

From Incestuous Amplification: Fuck.

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