Friday, August 22, 2003

le dernier parcours du soir (enfin, du matin)

The Marmot links to this Parapundit entry, and chews on food for thought. And yes: very belated thanks to the Marmot for the Winds of Change links. I'm no longer monitoring traffic since I removed my SiteMeter button, but I'm sure I enjoyed an increase. Kamsa-hamnida.

A worthwhile article from the Georgetown Voice about a subject that interests me.

A hilarious IA post on looting together.

Bush by a landslide? That's been my contention on this blog (after some persuasion from friends), though I can't call him my favorite human being. This Drudge/Zogby post indicates that Bush's ride to a second term might hit some snags.

ArnoldWatch 1: Arianna in the gunsights.

ArnoldWatch 2: I think this Arnoldian sound bite, "The public doesn't care about figures," is a gaffe that may have repercussions. Come on, Arnold. And by the way, get some substance on your website!

ArnoldWatch 3: How could I have neglected to link to this??

This is the kind of news that makes all men wince and curl into a fetal position.

The good Dr. d has put up a brief autobiography, a veritable cavalcade of naked women. I never knew he was such a horndog.

(made you look)

And FINALLY: I thought I simply wanted to die in my sleep-- just stop breathing at age 95 and fade out. But now I know there's an even better way to go.