Tuesday, August 12, 2003

blogged to capacity???

I've seen enough "Blogger SUCKS" complaints that this didn't come as a shock, but it seems, for the moment, that either (1) Blogger does indeed suck, or (2) I have managed to write myself into cyber-incapacity.


In case you didn't know, I'm blogging from Seoul. I have no computer of my own here (my huge-ass, battle-droid-sized, 1999-era Mac G4 is sitting safely-- if dustily-- in my apartment in Alexandria, Virginia). So: I blog from PC-bahng, the Korean Net cafes. My two favorite spots are the Magic Station at Korea University (Magic Station is a chain) and Cyberspace PC-bahng near Dolgoji Station, not far from KU. Strangely, when I go to the KU PC-bahng, I always get the old version of Blogger. When I go to any other PC-bahng, I see and use the new version.

More to the point: some problems that occur when I'm using the old version don't occur when I'm on the new (and vice versa). But a problem has now popped up in the last two days that seems not to care WHICH version I'm on:

I'm getting an "Error 505: No room left on device" warning every time I try to republish my entire blog. My most recent posts ARE appearing online, but the archives haven't been archiving. Either I've reached some kind of wall, or else Blogger is fucking with my head.

Just five minutes ago, I tried the "publish whole site" thing, and... it worked just fine. Everything's there. No hitches.

So maybe there's no problem. Maybe there is. I'm thinking of creating a "spillover" blog if the problem persists, and will keep my three readers (I don't know whether this number still includes Chief Wiggles after that scatological post) updated with posts and links as necessary.

Snax Chrispi (that's for all you Catholics out there).

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